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“It means a lot to our family to be able to see media that’s represented by our own people. I take the words I read more seriously, and Lakota Times is a staple in our home.” -Corrine Rice, Author/Education Contractor

"Thank you to the amazing writers and staff of Lakota Times for the great coverage of the issues here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation." - Kevin Killer, Oglala Sioux Tribal President

Tatanka Means - Actor, Comedian

"I stay current on the news all the time thanks to the Lakota Times. It keeps me updated on the news with the oyate. Wopila to the Lakota Times for their continued support and for keeping me current on all the news." - Tatanka Means, Actor/Comedian

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About Us

  • As the largest Lakota-owned and -operated independent weekly newspaper in the world, we’re committed to telling stories from the heart of Lakota lands. Experience Lakota Country and the Lakota people through the eyes of our on-the-ground reporters.

  • Located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, The Lakota Times has been delivering award-winning news coverage to the South Dakota area for more than 20 years. We rely on our community to support this work, so please donate today.