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Political Candidate Letter to Public

Dear Editor:

Hello, I would like to extend a warm handshake to each of you. We have come to a time to consider electing a new administration and council. Sometimes in life, we challenge ourselves and reflect on how we can make a difference on matters of importance.

The spirit of representation for this election will encounter us to question our mind on what direction we as people want to see for our tribe. A task for understanding is regulating administrative and legislative responsibilities of the constitution that represent our communities. Overall, constitution responsibility is needed to set the direction for our tribe to progress. Throughout this campaign we ask ourselves, what is this election about, participating in the politics of status quo, or participating in the politics of hope, in hope we can look for better days to come.

Health care, where do we begin to address the overall health issues that our members want addressed. Unanswered health issues include: Indian Health, our water (is it safe to drink?), home conditions, our environment, etc. Many of our people suffer a very difficult illness called cancer. Why is our cancer rate so high? It is so heartbreaking to lose a relative to illnesses that there are no answers for. I find that officials sit quiet, pass the back, and/or hope the matter blows over. Not anymore, we need answers.

We have programs that have weakened services to the people due to political interference and no accountability addressing actions. The scales of justice have tipped and have been for quite some time now, rights continue to be violated and no accountability addressing actions. The judicial system has lost faith and lacks confidence for its purpose. We have an Inherent right to exercise criminal jurisdiction over tribal membership through our Law and Order Code, yet many cases are referred to the federal system. Certainly, a government that loses its right to regulate matters eventually loses its identity. My gosh we need to think seriously; the time has come to reclaim the people’s government and strengthen our status that our grandfathers fought for.

Surely if we the people want to address the drug problem, we need to take this matter seriously. We will need to support a corrective action plan on whose coming into our homeland and whose going out. Only then we can take a stand and say no more, and together we can protect our people and homelands. People we need to stand strong on this. Drugs including meth has seriously affected our families and the future of our children.

Economic development ventures are addressed through REDCO, the economic development arm of the Tribe. I welcome community development for communities to build projects that will have a positive impact for the members in the community to take pride. It can be done!

President Obama shared a message heard around the world, “more women need to be put in positions of power because men seem to be having some problems these days!” Wise words coming from the people’s President. We have many women who have prepared themselves, taken strong strides to address and take action on issues for the betterment of the communities. We are at a turning point in this upcoming election and I’m in this campaign to make a difference. Walk in my shoes and maybe we will understand why this election is important. With the people’s help we can start to address constitution responsibility that the people elected representatives to do.

July 26th – VOTE
Valerie Crazy Bull for RST Tribal President,
a step to make a difference happen!

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Dear Editor:

My name is Steven Lewis Simpson and I’m the filmmaker behind the film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, that was filmed in your region and is based on the Award-winning novel by author, Kent Nerburn. The film shows from the 13th to the 15th of July at the Hot Springs Theater in Hot Springs. Many see the film as one of the most culturally important American films in some time, so I’m reaching out to you as I thought you might be interested in it. It has been very popular with a broad audience but has had a particular appeal to schools, Native groups, seniors and faith groups.

It is the 11th theatre just in South Dakota to show the film and after it beat the top 5 Hollywood films in the US to the top spot at the Multiplex in Spearfish during its 3-week run a while back, the owner said it was their ‘most successful South Dakota movie since Dances with Wolves”.

I have to do everything possible to spread the word to make sure people hear that the film is there. The film’s audience rating on Rottentomatoes is 4.7/5 which is higher than any of the Hollywood films out at the moment.

The film stars elder Dave Bald Eagle, who passed away not long ago at age 97. He is much loved in the region and is especially well known for his participation throughout most of his life at the Deadwood Days of 76. His incredible performance alone gives the film a great cultural weight. The audience laughs and cries with him and he melts their hearts.

The film, like the novel, has been used a fair bit by schools who have in some cases taken all their pupils in to see the film at the cinema as the narrative is seen as a great cross-cultural teaching tool. So, we’re also trying to spread the word to anyone involved with schools in the area to check out the film and if it is of interest to show to pupils then a showing can be coordinated.

This film has been holding its own against Hollywood blockbusters that have tens of millions of dollars spent on marketing them while I’m just a filmmaker doing it myself. The film has been in theatres longer than any other film released in the US in the last decade and is the most successful self-distributed film in a long time and has rewritten some of the rules of distribution. The only reason this has happened is that the public has helped spread the word as they see this as an important work, and people rarely see that region projected on the big screen.

Here is a link to the Facebook event that can be shared through Facebook and people can be invited to: www.facebook.com/ events/170550370279195/

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