MARCH 14, 1932 ~ MARCH 5, 2018

Pauline V. LaDeaux Palmer was born March 14, 1932 to William LaDeaux and Nancy Shields. She grew up in Manderson, SD and completed the 8th grade and graduated High School in 1952 at the Oglala Community School in Pine Ridge, SD. She advanced her education in Nursing College Lawton, OK and began her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

She married Vern Long Black Cat in Lawton, Oklahoma and 3 children were born to this union, Buzzy, Darla and Billy. She divorced Vern and after a period, remarried Kenneth Palmer of Gordon, NE. She became a widow.

Pauline worked in Pine Ridge Indian Health Service Hospital as a nurse in acute care and became a Field Health Nurse serving the entire reservation. She then moved to Winnebago, NE where she was employed as a nurse for several years.

She moved to Gallup, NM and worked in the Obstetrics ward caring for women who came in to give birth. She loved taking care of the newborn babies. She then returned closer to home due to the aging of her mother. She became a nurse for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Hot Springs, SD as a nurse serving and assisting veterans.

Pauline retired and moved to Pine Ridge after 34 years of service. She purchased a mobile home and lived there until her last days. She spent her years in retirement travelling with Norma Shields, her sister/cousin and being home at times taking care of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Pauline developed small cell carcinoma cancer and fought a long battle. She believed in the power of prayer, both Christian and traditional.

She was very pleased to live to see her daughter Darla become Vice President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Pauline peacefully took her last breath while in her daughter’s arms on March 5, 2018 at 8:25am at the Pine Ridge Hospital.

Pauline loved her family, friends, hunka/adopted families, extended families, and her cat Booty Boots and her 5 outdoor cats.

Pauline is survived by aunts, Marie Randall, Eleanor Charging Crow; uncle, George Looks Twice; daughter, Darla Black; grandchildren: Koren Chavez of Lincoln, NE, Ron Jumping Eagle Jr. and George Jumping Eagle of Manderson, SD, David Mondragon Black of Taos, NM, Rosebud White Plume of Manderson, SD, Tahnee Black of White Swan, WA, David Bissonette of Manderson, SD and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren; sisters, Flora Yellow Boy of Scottsbluff, NE, Helena “Babe” Little, Kathy LaDeaux of Manderson, SD, Norma Shields of Cleveland, OH, Joseph Bissonette, Lucille Lonehill, Vina Colhoff, Gertie Swain; brothers, Ben LaDeaux, Kenneth Lone Elk, Lavern Yankton, Ernie Little, Mike Little, and Paul Little, Lloyd Yankton, Albert Yankton, and Hobart Yankton.

Hunka children: Gilbert Kills Back of Pine Ridge, SD, Bobette Tobacco, Louise Pullium, Stuey Mousseau and Arlene of Allen, SD, Ivis Black Elk, Nathan Black Elk, Michael Black Elk, Lucille Black Elk and Marjorie Black Elk, Iris Black Elk, Lenora Hudson, Paulina Martinez Sarabia, Sylvie Dunas, Diana Dendron, Gabriela Flores, Liduvina Gomez Paty Hernadez, Maye and Lance Garibay, Mary Carmen Coss, Roberta Silva of Denver, CO, Katherine White Cloud, Rita Mestokosho and Marie Aimee Mestokosho and family, Judith Morency of Quebec, Canada, Michael Cross, Verna Cross, Eric Cross, Laurence Cross, Jerry Cross, Norma Cross, Tammy Cross, Cheryl Cross, Michelle Cross, Dana Cross, Margaret P. Cross, Calvin Cross, Joann Tall, Bette Janis, Earl Tall, Maxine Pipe On Head, Beverly Pipe On Head, Diana Pipe On Head, Leola Bear Runner, Joyce Goings, Donna Jumping Eagle, Juanita Scherich and Russell Mousseau.Honorary Pallbearers: Dean Dreaming Bear, Bonnie Brown, Dorothy Brown, Serena Brown, Fred Brown, Daren Two Bulls, Harold Brown, Rich Brown, Susan Schrader, Rhonda Akers, Carol Weston, Susan Pourier, Lindy Trueblood, Michelle Hagen, Mary Brewer, Elaina Steele, Renee Geller, Loretta McGeisey, Phyllis Stone, Kathy Bianas, Diane Ramos, Marge Hernandez, Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, Dee Two Bulls, Carol Big Crow, Leona Vitalis, Charlotte Good Shield, Karmyn Rabbit, Patricia Garbow Long, Andrea Long, Arlene Iron Crow, Mercy Iron Crow, all Iron Crow and Brave Heart Families, Della Pourier, Dr. Jody J. Leishholm and all Emergency Room Staff and nurses. All Indian Health Care Service Nurses in Acute Care, Fire Thunder Families in Manderson, Shoulder families, LaDeaux families, Looks Twice families, Jumping Eagle families, Fern Apple, John Steele, Rabb Steele, Margaret Steele, Sally Apple, Rachel Bissonette, Florence Ten Fingers and family, Francine Jumping Eagle, Anna Steele, Buffy Little Dog, Pinky Plume Clifford, Cleo Gates, Pauline Perry Wolters, Angie Clifford, CJ Clifford, Loren Clifford, Betty O’Rourke, Charlene Shoulders, Rosie Shoulders, Margelyn and Colleen Shoulders, Pauline Wilson, Joy Yellow Boy, Cecelia Yellow Boy and Faith Yellow Boy, Lillian Tobacco, Annalene Two Bulls, Florence Plenty Holes, Jennifer Eckholt, Jenny Kills Back, Frank Siers Jr., Lynn Salway, Hudspeth Family, John Steele Jr., Sylvia Hillman, Sharon Waters, Alice Peters, Theresa Lone Hill, Mona Steele, Duffy & Rita, Peggy Grady, Bill Dwight, Phyllis Clifford, Peggy Morgan, Big Crow Family of Pine Ridge, and all Veterans.

Special Nieces: Alice Perkins and Jackie Siers, Jackie Swain, Shannon Long, Dawn Running Hawk, Lisa Provost and Judy Morgan.

She was preceded in death by her parents, William and Nancy; sons, Vernon Buzzy Black, William David Black, Pearl, Rose Theresa, Fred, Mitch, Sam, Abe, and Antoine.

We would like to thank the nurses and staff that graciously cared for Pauline in her last days at the Pine Ridge Hospital: Dr. Carcamo, Stephanie Lamont, Jamie Rodriguez, Amy Scherbarth, Amy Wilson, Diane Tail, Florence Black Feather, Rae Antoine, and Leila Belile.

First night wake was held March 15, 2018 at Holy Cross Church in Pine Ridge. Second night wake was held at Wounded Knee District School in Manderson. Funeral services were held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the Wounded Knee District School. Burial followed at the St. Thomas Cemetery. Family and friends may sign Pauline’s online guestbook at Kirk Funeral Home.

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