2009-04-29 E-Edition

The Native American Experience by Jay Wertz.

In this week’s paper I want to share with you a book that I found really exciting; The Native American Experience by Jay Wertz. This book provides an interactive experience; here I go again with words straight from the book. “The Native American Experience contains a 64 page book with over 200 illustrations and 30 rare and newly researched facsimile […]

~ Lakota Art is Perfect ~

I draw to satisfy my different personality dimensions. Without using art as a form of expression, I would find myself lost. Art has opened my eyes, allowing me to create what I thought impossible. Anything goes. Art allows me to build off what has already been presented, take another approach on things, and tailor it to my liking. Art has […]


Clues The answers are in Lakota to fit puzzle. (You may want to use a Lakota Dictionary) Across 1. When your diabetic you need to _____________ to keep in shape. (10) 3. We ____________ our carbohydrates so we don’t get to much. (5) 4. You check your ___________ to see your sugar level. (2) 5. Broccoli is not a fruit […]


The Rez Firefighter (Peta Usniyapi)


Hello Anna!

I had asked you a few questions and I am not very good on the net but I am trying once again! Do you feel that I will get a job in the near future? I am trying for my general Business Degree. Also, I am still hurting over my loss, my son was 18 and he had hung himself, […]

Native Veteran Mistreated

Bad news for Wolves in the Northern Rockies

Funny how native veterans can fight for our freedoms overseas at rates much higher than any other group, and not have decent health care here in America, isn’t it? A native veteran who was a paratrooper in the Army Air Corps during Desert Storm and is handicapped received some major disappointments this week. He was taken to visit his eye […]

Sioux Discussion Part 8.

Today when anyone wants to know something, they go to the computer and Google it or they go to Wikipedia. This is good for everything else but not when it comes to learning about Natives. They have watched a movie Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee (the biggest lying movie ever made), Dances with Wolves, Crazy Horse etc. They think […]