2009-10-27 E-Edition

NCAI: What it Represents

Part I

This is part I of the Keynote Address I presented at the 66th Annual Convention of the National Congress of American Indians on October 14th, 2009, in Palm Springs, California: “What an honor it is to have been invited to address the General Assembly here today. I have noted several times in published columns and in speeches that my tenure […]

Sicangu Scribe Scribblings

In August I wrote about my responsibility as editor of this newspaper. I stated it is not an easy job being a newspaper editor because of all the responsibility that comes with my job. As Lakota people we live out our day-to-day lives surrounded by the tragedy brought about by negativity, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, child neglect, unimaginable violence, […]

Rez Ramblings & Reasonings

There are two pressing issues that have come to mind. When I was sitting with my mom sharing a cup of coffee, she mentioned seeing her dad and uncles come home from the fields. They were taking care of the cattle and it seemed that my mom was happy to see the men in her family come home for dinner. […]

Lakota Wicoiye

Wayus kte pi he le cetu Lakota ikicize wicasa ya akicita oti wan Forte Laramie eyapi ke hel ikiyela pte asanpi yusli pi wan iyeyai eyas lila tamehecaca wanji ikapasicin na akanl iyotakin and cawielcapin nan azut’ka ki yuslute pte winyela ki page etan we heya nan t’a keye. Oyate ya tawicu otapi heca wan pte winyclakihe tawapi ca he […]

Minority kids don’t count much in SD

DMC continues to grow

Looking at several reports done during 2009 and the Rapid City Area Schools minority count as of September 25, we see that minority kids do not count much in this state. This writer has looked at several reports that show we are actually slipping in areas that count. Childhood poverty is going up along with hunger and placement in detention […]


Dear Editor: I just finished reading the article in the October 19th edition of Lakota Country Times and the Crazy Horse National Scenic Byway. And I also finished reading Leon Matthews article in Rez Ramblings. Leon mentioned something very interesting when he said “We need to fight for the truth and ignore the illusion.” Very powerful words. As far as […]


Dear Editor: We must remember the Black Hills claim is part and one with our nationalist claim for the complete restoration and recognition of our land base defined by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. This process has been on going to counter the illegal occupation and control over our territorial sovereignty and independence. The three branches of the government […]


Dear Editor: Wopila Tanka (A Big Thank you) Thank You to the following Sponsors who made our horseshoe tournament a big success! Lakota Country Times Martin Auto Parts True Value Boombocks H & R Block Allen Store Lynn’s Dakotamart Bennett Co. Booster Susan H & H Lou’s Auto Sales R & L Repair American Family Insur. Security First Jim’s Body […]


Dear Editor: I would like to thank you for opening my letter and reading it. I wrote this song about the consequences of alcohol abuse on the reservations. I would like to share my song with the Lakota people. So if you publish my song in your paper thank you. Song: My Friends Dying I see my friends dying/they getting […]