2011-02-02 E-Edition

Drinking and driving left six children without parents

Drinking while driving is a serious offense; the effects of alcohol and drunk driving are far-reaching and go way beyond the number of killed and injured. On average, in the United States alone, there is someone killed by a drunk driver every 40 minutes and we are all equally at risk. When someone is killed by a drunk driver we […]

Gaming Commission suspends General Manager license

ROSEBUD, SD – Last week the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Gaming Commission took action to suspend the license of Richard Lunderman, who is employed as the General Manager of the Rosebud Casino. The Commission voted unanimously to suspend Lunderman’s license for 60 days pending a hearing on regulatory violations. The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council is expected to appoint Alma Valandra as […]

He Dog Bulldogs hosted the Okreek Warriors on Tuesday, January 25. He Dog won the game 14-13.

Red Cloud Students Promote Safe Driving with Artistic Talents in Posters

Everyone Reads The Lakota Country Times

Hunting the Ghost Buffalo

The Buffalo were a way of life for our people long ago. Today if you can connect with the right people it is still so. Preparing to tell this story I thought of what it must have been like long ago for an elder to tell the young warriors about the experiences of a Buffalo hunt. Things like what it […]


Reverand Francis Charles Apple

“Iwahokunkiye Wicoiye” is the Lakota language publication that was compiled by Francis C. Apple. His book of Lakota words of wisdom, he hopes will inspire youth to learn the sacred Lakota language, speak the Lakota language and live according to Lakota values. Lakota iyapi ki he wakan. Susie White Lance and George Apple are the parents of Francis. Born and […]

Ice Fishing on White Clay Dam

The forecast for ice fishing across the plains area looks good as cold temperatures keep ice at an all time thickness of a foot or more. Every since I was a youngster I remember some great ice fishing adventures out with my Dad and some of my uncles. This winter with temperatures hanging below freezing most of the time, it […]

He Dog Bull Dogs over Okreek Warriors 14-13