2012-05-23 E-Edition

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Hunter honored for 30 years at Little Wound School

Board, staff, past students, family come together to celebrate 30 plus years in education

KYLE – “We will greatly miss her in the coming years, she was my mentor,” said Dayna Brave Eagle, current Little Wound school board member and director of the tribe’s education agency about Linda Hunter retiring from Little Wound School after 30 years in a variety of positions, “when I was a student here at Little Wound, she was the […]

ILOC holds field hearing on Rosebud

MISSION, SD – The Indian Law and Order Commission (ILOC) conducted a field hearing last week on the Rosebud Reservation. Topics addressed included: High Priority Performance Goals (HPPG) in Indian Country, Juvenile Justice, Implementation of the TLOA, Jurisdiction, and Enhanced Sentencing under TLOA, also Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault and Stalking. “Communities cannot arrest their way out of problems that threaten […]

Graduations celebrate one more completed step on the life-long educational journey

Scholarships, awards, future plans, sense of accomplishment dominate graduation day

PINE RIDGE/ROSEBUD AREA – “It is graduation time, the graduates bring a sense of hope to our tribe and our people,” said Dayna Brave Eagle, OST Education Agency director and member of the Little Wound School Board, “we invest ourselves into these young adults because they are our future, they represent our greatest resource.” A look at some of the […]

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Sioux Nation re-opens under new management

Tentative agreement hammered out Friday evening, store opened Saturday morning

PINE RIDGE – On Saturday morning, Sioux Nation Shopping Center in Pine Ridge, re-opened after being closed for the previous seven days. Although the store had planned to re-open Thursday after the dismissal of a temporary restraining order by the tribal court on Tuesday, it wasn’t until Friday evening when the store agreed to the demands made by Chief Oliver […]

Public Safety board of trustees approve contracts, plans, criminal justice center construction underway

PINE RIDGE – The OST Department of Public Safety board of trustees approved all of the contracts and plans recommended by the staff on May 8 and approved of the guaranteed maximum price for the overall contract and for the sub-contractors. “We have issued a ‘Notice to Proceed’ to the general contractor, Milender White and work has begun,” said Monica […]

Area Valedictorians Class of 2012

Oglala Sioux tribe testing sentencing circles

PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) – A South Dakota tribe has been testing a form of restorative justice called sentencing circles in hopes it will make community members more accountable to each other and reduce the number of people who commit more crimes. Sentencing circles provide an alternative to prison, with a group discussing the case and recommending a punishment that […]