2014-12-18 E-Edition

Taking Back the Power

Lower Brule–Long-standing and recently re-elected Lower Brule Sioux Tribal President Michael Jandreau was replaced by Lewis Grassrope in an action by tribal council members after Jandreau walked out of a tribal council meeting on Friday, December 12, 2014. In this historical act of resistance, members of the Kul Wicasa Band seek to bring change to their people in response to […]

Interview with Jay Jacobs by Mykala White Dress

This is an interview with Jay Jacobs. He teaches a class about business and helping students apply for jobs and get them ready for the future and what is going to come up soon when they are out of high school. Like apply for jobs and have the students prepared when applying for a job in the years after high […]

Affordable Care Act

JOINT OPINION EDITORIAL by /s/ Elsie M. Meeks Elsie M. Meeks, Rural Development State Director Elsie M. Meeks is the State Director for the USDA Rural Development in South Dakota. She has more than 25 years of experience in economic development in Indian Country and at local, state and national levels. USDA Rural Development’s mission is “To increase economic opportunity […]

Wayside Christmas Clubs & Savings

“Christmas is coming. The day’s almost here. It’s good you’ve been saving for this time of year.” Or have you? Does anyone actually have a Christmas Club account anymore? For that matter, does anyone save? According to bankrate.com, the popularity of the Christmas Club account (first introduced in the 1920s) reached its peak in the 1970s and has been on […]

Veteran Warrior Wakte’ glipi

Hau (Hello) Mitakuyepi, wakh’ anyeja kin iyushkin pelo (The children are happy). Chin,Waziya ichani u ktacha (Because, Santa is coming soon). Waziya, Lakh’ota kte sel? (Will Santa be a Lakh’ota, I wonder?) Akichita kin anag’ optan po (Veterans listen up). South Dakota West River American Indian Veteran Advisory Council is hosting a meeting in Rapid City on Friday, December 19, […]

Rez Ramblings

An open letter to the New Tribal Council: I respectfully share a few words because I, like you, care for our people. I am not someone who knows all things and would regret if it comes off that way because I have seen a few things. You know that I was instrumental in growing a coffee house ten years ago […]

Wicahpi Eyoyambya Olowan

Message to Rapid City

Greetings, Readers! This week is a super busy week for many of us across Lakota Country. The Lakota Nation Invitational takes center stage for our nation this week. Held in the foot hills of the sacred Black Hills, tribes from across the state and surrounding states converge on Rapid City for four days of competition, sportsmanship and good old fashion […]

Does who tells a story matter by Rainbo Spoonhunter

In this essay I want to explain why who tells a story matter. For my example I am using the short story by Sherman Alexie titled, “For what you pawn I will redeem.” It is told in 3rd person narrative at a homeless man Jackson Jackson. It is a good example on how telling a story and who telling a […]

Political Cartoon