2015-02-12 E-Edition

This Week in Pierre

Four weeks of the 2015 Session have now passed. Several bills dealing with election issues were dealt with this week. While the focus should be on problem solving the great issues of our state like juvenile justice reform and rebuilding roads and bridges, some of these clearly partisan issues took the forefront. SB 166 has caught a lot of media […]

Political Cartoon

Rez Ramblings

We are dealing with a global culture and there is nothing that can stop the future. I was watching a Christian television show this week and also listened to a talk show where there was a Baptist preacher spouting their hate. The television show was talking about chaplains and their importance to the armed forces to help with the morality […]

Numbers Tell a Sad Tale of Indigenous Abuse

As a history buff I’ve long had an interest in and awareness of numbers. In fact, my wife has a running quiz with me when we arrive at a cash register and the total for our purchase comes up on the screen: “Okay, what happened then?” I don’t always have an answer for the usual 4 digits that appear, but […]

Veteran Warrior Wakte’ glipi

( To come home in Triumph/ Victory)

Hau (Hello) Mitakuyepi, toh ni ktu ka pi hwo (How are you all)? Lechala osni obluspe (Recently I caught a cold) eyash, wana mikpaoth’an slechecha (but, now I seem to have recovered). Hoh’papi nahan pshapi kin washte shni yelo (Coughing and sneezing is not good). Lila mahunke shni (I was very weak). Mith’a wichinchala kin imaputh’ake (My girlfriend kissed me) […]

The Rez of the Story

“Wisdom” Elbert Hubbard, the American writer, publisher, artist and philosopher (1856 – 1915) once wrote: “Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.” Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg, contemporary authors and thinkers tell us that: “Understanding circumstances, other people, even ourselves comes with the passage of time and […]

Double M Studio

Wicahpi Eyoyambya Olowan

Greetings, Readers! The weather sure is teasing us with these beautiful tastes of spring yet to come. However those of us who grew up in South Dakota know that this weather is destined to change, change again, and then change yet again. Best to be prepared for whatever comes along. For my kids and I that means a trunk full […]


Recently I was sent an ad from the January 29-February 3, 2015 edition of Native Sun News; the ad promotes Tim Giago’s 2006 book Children Left Behind. The narrative reads as follows: “Students from the mission era of the 1930s and 1940s are dying every day. Soon there will none of us (sic) left to remember or to testify to […]