2016-12-29 E-Edition

Margaret Phyllis “Punky” Poitra

Margaret Phyllis “Punky” Poitra was born October 30, 1952 to Philip, Sr. and Alice (Azure) Poitra in Williston, ND. Punky attended schooling in Belcourt, ND until she was accepted to Stephan Indian Mission Boarding School where she met R. Everett Goodface. They were united in marriage in October of 1972. To this union five boys were born. She made Lower […]

George Irving Clements

George Irving Clements was born on December 31, 1935 in Crawford, NE to Thomas Clements Sr. and Nancy Hatt. George made his journey to the Spirit World on December 17, 2016 in Rapid City, SD. George is survived by his children, Aaron, George, Craig, Greg, Rodney and Lori Clements, all of Pine Ridge, SD, and Alan Clements of Cincinnati, OH; […]

Lydia Alice Bull Man

Lydia Alice Bull Man was born on August 30, 1950 in Pine Ridge, SD to Frank Bull Man and Catherine Shot with Arrow. Lydia made her journey to the Spirit World on December 17, 2016 in Rapid City, SD. Lydia is survived by her son, Cecil Bull Man of Potato Creek, SD; cousins, Dennis and David Wounded Head, both of […]

Stanley Thomas Kindle

Stanley Thomas Kindle was born on November 11, 1942 in Oglala, SD to Steve Kindle and Julia Left Hand. Stanley made his journey to the Spirit World on December 21, 2016 at the Sister James Care Center in Yankton, SD. Stanley is survived by his grandchildren, Maretta Afraid of Bear of Oglala, SD, Mary Ellen Janis of Slim Buttes, SD, […]

What Will 2017 Bring?

At the end of my life I will almost certainly look back on 2016 as a time filled with enormous struggles for the Oyate, but also as a year where we were forced to again realize the power we possess as a prayerful people. Over the years we have done our best to promote the positive while still providing coverage […]

It’s Time For Us To Be Good Relatives

Once there was a Lakota person who accused fellow tribal citizens of using bad medicine on others. When asked exactly what was meant by the term “bad medicine,” a clear explanation couldn’t be given. Still, for the lack of a better concept, the phrase “bad medicine” will be used here because many Lakota people refer to this mysterious concept regularly […]

Snowstorms Bring On Bad, But Bring Out Good

As I drove across Rapid City in the Christmas Eve darkness I could see – literally – that the weather was about to change. A dense fog had descended upon the area, enveloping the terrain and making travel a particular challenge. It was the result of what weather forecasters refer to as a “low pressure system”: as air rises it […]

Sacred Hoop Okh’olakichiye (Society)

Oglala Lakota Hinhani Washte (Good Morning), toh niktuka hwo (how are you)? Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Zaptan (Friday). Wanichokan Wi (Moon of Mid-Winter, December) Wikchemna Nunpa ahke Yamni (23rd), Kh’oktopawing’e Numpa sam Ahke Shakpe (2016). Maza-shkanshkan kin (The clock/time) wana (is now) Nanpchinyunka : sam Wikchemna Tohpa hinhani lah’chi (9:40 a.m.). Th’ankal mashteshte (It is sunny outside). Washteh’cha […]